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NEWS:  July 25, 2015. The New York Riveters of the National Women's Hockey League (NWHL) have signed Russian national team forward Lyudmila Belyakova.

All goals

"Liuda is the same player as everyone else. She plays well for his age. With her head all right: a field sees may circle, can make the transfer."

B. Shtan'ko, coach of CSKA-94, November 2003.

By Liudmila Belyakova simply impossible to be indifferent. By and large, all who saw her play, divided into admirers Luda and those successes do not provide live peacefully. First and second about the same amount. Someone pulls Liudmila up to heaven, someone, on the contrary, hates, some see it as example to follow, and others are facing for her, as a member of the family. Maybe all these people one thing in common sense - a feeling of sincere admiration for the talent Belyakova.

But how many such nuggets having a hockey gift for children and youth levels, never short of professional hockey! Therefore, would be unforgivable-stereotyped simplistic idea that if his talent Belyakova can not tolerate heavy, debilitating, invisible peace work. In a big game, who would pay big money, without long years of this work would not get through.

Talent, skill, diligence and luck determined the success of Belyakova hockey site. Experience of matches held during the leading teams of boys and young men, had a positive impact on power-speed style games, tempered character. Liudmila was hokkeistkoy capable play and win through "can not", despite the injury. The main thing - to impart psychology winner confidence. When favor a weak team, quite hard to get used to the idea in all, and even in away matches must be played only to win.

Belyakova always been lucky with the coaches. But the secret of her good luck not only in this - like no other Luda can selflessly given to the beloved work, to devote his whole life. She herself describes the reasons his success this way: "I just always around trying to be the first. I think that always we must try to develop and can not rest on our laurels. I am always confident that I can do it."

Class player is determined not only technical - tactical skills and physical form, but also the ability to play "one hundred percent" in the most important moments. Ability to achieve results in any way possible. Ability is - a category exclusively psychological. In it - the main reserve Lyudmila.

Life Liudmila Belyakova - an example of the struggle, and fight not only for hockey site. For relatively short period of time usually girls could be this of the best hockey players of the planet. Liudmila never rests on its laurels, and again find themselves motivated to new victories.

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