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Людмила Белякова

Master of Sports of Russia International Class.

Player of the national youth and women's national teams of Russia.
The captain and team leader of the team of Moscow and girls
"Spartak" (Moscow) hockey.
She played in a team of young men:
"North Star 94"
CSKA Moscow 94
CSKA Moscow 95
"Spartak Moscow 95"
"Blue Bird 94"
Sports School Mytishchi 95
"White bears 96"
"North Star 96"
"North Star 97"
"North Star juniors"
"North Star JHL"
She can play as a striker and defender.
Hockey began practicing at age 7.

Included in the list of candidates for the national women's team of Russia at the 2010 Olympic Games in Vancouver.

The first replacement of the national women's team Russia at the Olympic Games 2014 in Sochi.

For the first time invited to the Russian national team at the age of 15 years and 2 weeks, and in the youth team of Russia (U18) in the 12-years old and the third month.

The debut in the first part of the national team was held on 4 September 2009 in the city of Trencin in the match against the national team of Slovakia. Team Russia won in Slovakia 4:0, and Lyudmila Belyakova noted in this game with a goal.

For the Russian national team played 113 games, scoring 43 goals and gave 31 assists.

As part of the women's national team of Russia:
- Bronze medalist of the World Cup 2013 in Ottawa (Canada).
- Bronze medalist of the World Cup 2016 in Kamloops (Canada).
- Winner of the Winter Universiade 2015 in Granada (Spain).
- Winner of the Winter Universiade 2017 in Almaty (Kazakhstan).
- Winner of the "Tournament 4 Nations" in Sweden in 2012.
- Finalist "Meso Cup" in Germany in 2013.
- Bronze medal winner "4 Nations Tournament" in Sweden in 2009 and 2011.
- Bronze medal winner "4 Nations Tournament" in Finland in 2013.
- Silver medalist "4 Nations Tournament" in Finland in 2013.

In the Russian youth team played 28 games, scoring 30 goals and gave 11 assists.

As part of the youth team of Russia:
- World Champion 2011 (Division I). The best player and the best scorer of the World Cup 2011 (Division I).
- Winner and top scorer "4 Nations Tournament" in Austria (2011).
- Silver medalist of the Euro Tour in 2009
- Bronze medalist of the Euro Tour in 2007 and 2010

In the national team in Moscow in 2009, she won the IV, and in 2011 in the V Winter Games of pupils of Russia.
As part of the Moscow "Spartak" in 2008, 2009 and 2011, it became a triple champion of Russia.
As part of "Tornado" (Moscow region) - Russian champion of the season 2014/2015 and 2016/2017.

Winner of 21 personal cup and 63 different medals. Repeatedly recognized as the best player and scorer of the different tournaments.

Idol in hockey - Maxim Rybin and especially Luda in it like militancy and charged to fight with him bound and gaming room - 9.

Badge Zodiac - Leo, on the Eastern calendar - Dog.

Lyudmila Belyakova was born August 12, 1994 in Moscow. In a family where sports has always attached great importance. Mother Lyudmila Olga in time to play water polo, and his father Victor and older brother Serge involved in hockey. Apparently so, Lyuda from early childhood has been attached to sports as early as 5 years old she started swimming, but at 6 and martial arts, and often, defeating older rivals of the opposite sex. But at the end of November 2001 under the supervision of his father, rising for the first time on skates, Lyudmila wanted to start learning to play hockey. And on Dec. 28, 2001 was credited to the children's HC "Petrel", participating in tournaments "Golden Puck". Where are her trainers were Vladimir Kalashnikov, Andrei Repnikov and Alexander Semenov. Even then, Coaches said makings of a good Belyakova that distinguish from their peers not only physique but also the specific game skills, which nature has endowed her. Since filing coaches Lyudmila first allowed to train with more than older guys, and then included in the team 1990-92 birth, which appeared in the tournament championship for the city. In February 2002, along with lessons in "Stormy Petrel", Liuda began to train and play in Coach number 2 in the boys' team "North Star" -94 at her first professional coach Mikhail Borisovich Samokhin. The direct and active part in the preparation of the team takes professor, corresponding member International Academy of Pedagogical Education, Master of Sports, the inventor of the USSR Vyacheslav Zaitsev. The student honored coach of the USSR A. Chernyshev - professor V.Zaitsev carried out scientific and methodological support of training athletes of the USSR team to the Cup of Hockey Canada (1981), the World Championships and Olympic Games(1988).

The first victory was not long in coming. January 25, 2003 Lyudmila took first place in the boys team 1990/92 years of birth "Petrel" in the tournament championship TSAO (2 goals and 2 assist). In May of that year, the talented girl notices the coach who has raised himself Pavel Bure - Honored coach of Russia, Boris A. Shtan'ko and invites you to begin training under his leadership team CSKA-94. In military school with Liuda involved professionals such as the deserved trainer of Russia Vladimir Trunov and deserved trainer of Russia Yury Chabarin who trained Vyacheslav Fetisov, and many other great hockey players. And, finally, in January 2005, Lyudmila becomes SDUSHOR CSKA and falls to the team, led by one of the leading trainers of Russia Sergey Suyarkov. But long stay in the army club failed. The girl in the boys team - for our country, at least, unusual, and therefore had to prove to all and always, that you deserve, you're the best, you're more talented than others.

Summer 2005 begins Spartakovskaya page Belyakova hockey career. Good school and the experience obtained in CSKA, Lyudmila allowed to become one of the major players in youth team Spartak 95. At the same time continuing to play in tournaments "Golden Puck" Lyuda is the team captain, "Olympia" and is making great strides on three occasions, guided her club wins in both urban and all-Russia competitions, and Lyudmila herself becomes the best player of the tournament.

In November 2006, Honored coach of Russia Alexander Viryasov invites 12-year Belyakova in the youth team Russia (U18) and a lack of specific medical evidence did not permit her to speak at Eurotrip. The official debut in the team of Russia had to wait almost a year. It took place on Nov. 2, 2007 in Dmitrov near Moscow during a meeting with team Finland (5: 6 B), and brought the bronze award in Eurotrip.

And in late December childhood dream come true. In the national team of "young stars of Russia, made up of boys born in 1995 Lyudmila went to Ottawa the capital of Canada, which won the silver medal of the largest annual youth tournament« Bell Capital Cup », while the boys won a special competition for speed and twice been named the best player of the match .

In early 2008, returning to the "Petrel", Luda first leads him to the final city tournament "Golden Puck", and then bring him victory, to drop first and then the puck in the decisive final game in the post-match shootouts.

In May 2008, was held in Zelenograd, the first all-Russia hockey tournament hockey teams among the girls, who became captain of a benefit of "Spartacus" Lyudmila Belyakova for 6 games, she scored 46 points performance (36 goals and 10 assists) and deservedly won "The Best Player" and "top scorer».

February 2009 brought Lyudmila title IV student winter sports in Russia and the honorary title of Candidate Master of Sports. Captain Moscow Belyakov, playing with a broken arm, has again become a "best" in 5 games by typing 29 points (20 +9).

But the real triumph was waiting for her in May. At the second All-Russia tournament on ice hockey teams among the girls, her "Spartacus" in the last 7 games threw the doors rivals in the 106 washers, passing in its only 4, and Liuda had participated in 58 of them, to drop 44 washers and 14 giving the precise transmission. Thus, May 10, 2009 in a game against the "Energy" from Nerungri Beliakova abandoned one hundredth anniversary puck in the tournament women's teams in 18 matches!

Belyakova remarkably courageous hockey player, able to ignore the on-site pain, hate it when crude techniques rivals. If Lyudmila keeps the puck - it is almost impossible to take it away. If she lost the puck - immediately rushes for "abuser" and often causes the opponent to give it back. The peculiar style of the stroke, the accuracy pass, uncontrollable impetuosity and determination in attack, his contempt for any danger on the ice - are the qualities that are inherent Belyakova. And this irresistibly passed its troika of its links.